•        Exercise your dog to prevent accidents.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog.  
Please use designated outside area and carry baggies!

•        All dogs must be on leash.  A six-foot leather or fabric leash, a buckle collar or chain training
collar are preferred.  NO chain leashes/harnesses, electronic collars or electronic training devices

•        If your female dog comes in season, attend class without her. You may observe any time
without your dog and receive attendance credit.

•        The instructor reserves the right to dismiss any dog that is a repeated nuisance or threat to
others.   Private lessons may be recommended.

•        Class fees are non-refundable. There are no refunds, adjustments or make-ups for missed
classes.  Two consecutive absences will result in dismissal.

•        Each dog owner is directly responsible for the actions of his/her dog. Anticipate your dog’s
reactions and do not allow him to “visit” other dogs.

•        The same person who is going to handle the dog in class should do the home practice. Youth
handlers must be 16 yrs old with parent permission.

•        Remember: Patience, practice and praise go together in dog training.  You are teaching new
behaviors to replace undesirable ones. Be positive!

•        You will be notified by phone if class is cancelled and a make-up date given.

•        Class time is for you and your dog.  Guests and children are welcome if they can remain quietly
at the sidelines.  **
Please turn off all cell-phones**

•        We require proof of current vaccinations.  Please bring a copy of your dog’s veterinary record
to the first class.

I look forward to helping you have a better canine companion both at home and in public settings.  If
you have any training related questions, please call me.

                               Sandra Ling, Instructor ~ Suburban Dog Training LLC