Buie and his ball
Chauncey and Libby - 1998
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"Best Buddies"
GLLC- Sept 2002
Chow Time
Agility- Chauncey's Clean Run
Wishing you "Happy Holidays"
Auntie Reba - The Leonberger Nanny
Carly floating with Fletcher - summer 2007
           Santa- 2005
All I want for Christmas is three large bones,
two new toys, a bigger ball, some...............
Fletcher and Babe enjoying fun in the
snow - winter 2009
"Coming at you"  - Puppy Agility
Two of a kind
Buie swimming
In Ring "1"   .........Christmas
Game On!
Carly dressed up for a children's Halloween
party at the Geneva Public Library.
Evita- 1999
The End
Baby Dolce
Lola stopping to smell the flowers
                                                    A Dog is Listening
                                                 By Roger Caras, 1992

Dogs are children that are never quite able to grow up, no matter how smart they are.  And so
they always make us feel important and needed.  We are.  

We always have our place with them.  And we know what that place is, in contrast to our
relationship with many of the members of our own species that we encounter in life.
"Genny" UD