Thank you for being a friend, Traveled down a road and back again
          Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.
And when we both get older, with walking canes and hair of gray
Have no fear even though it’s hard to hear, I will stand real close and say,      
                            Thank you for being a friend.

                         Music and lyrics by Andrew Gold.
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U-GRCH LCA, ARBA, RH CH Drambuie vom Sanften Leowen, LCA CD, AKC RN, CGC
CH.Super Sailor vom Sanften Leowen BN, RN, CGC
LCA, RH, U-CH Anchor Creek’s All That Glitters, CGC-TDIA, AKC RA, AKC CD
LCA & RH CH.Forever Green's Evita, CGC
Anchor Creek Chief Mate RN CGC, BN, TDI
LCA, RH U-CH Anchor Creek’s Beyond the Sea, CGC, AKC RN, CD
U-CD Leonhaus Instant Replay CDX, RE, CGC, TDI
LCA RH CH.Cherrywood's Cruise Control LCA UD, U-CDX, Can. CD, TDI
  VLX Conquest’s Genesis, RE, UD, CGC, CGCA  
U-GRCH/CDX, LCA & RH CH. Emenem vom Sanften Leowen, LCA CDX, AKC CD, AKC RE, CGC-TDI

U-CH Anchor Creek’s Anticipation, AKC RA, CGC-TDIA
“Lucy” --Anchor Creek’s Carolina Cousin, RN, CW-SR, CGC

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