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Bringing Home Baby……………..

*We are here for you throughout your pup’s lifetime. We strive to produce physically and temperamentally
sound Leonbergers. To insure a wonderful relationship for you and your pup, we ask you do the following:

*Come to Ohio to receive your puppy.  We do not ship pups and wish to meet each owner personally. If
flying, make sure the airline will allow a pup in a Sherpa bag in the cabin with you.  We are located near
both Akron-Canton and Cleveland Hopkins airports.

*A fenced yard is recommended as Leonbergers need room to stretch out and play each day.  Monitor
their activity, especially with other dogs or children to prevent injury. NOTE: Leos do not have great GPS
skills if lost.

*Puppy socialization began with a variety of visitors to our home. The pups are house-raised among
normal household noise. Please continue this experience to new noises and sights he will have as an
adult. A good rule is a new experience each day.        This does NOT include dog parks.

*Get your pup into an obedience training program within his first few months.  Do not wait until he/she hit’s
the 80# mark. Puppy Kindergartens are very good socializing experiences, but do not qualify as an
obedience training. We encourage you to continue group training beyond one session. Leos grow quickly.
It is important to have them trained and under control.

*If you wish more information, please contact us at:   
sling2@roadrunner.com   or  phone: 440-983-4214.  

                                                        Jeff and Sandi Ling
Anchor Creek is a LCA member Kennel
             "AKC Breeder of Merit"
                       (Swiss import)
   DOB 10/04/2015            CHIC #142230      
           Bred by Theres Koller-Popp  
      Owned by Kristine and Bruno Thut

“Maddie”   Anchor Creek Fluff Chick, TKN, CGCA, FD
                              CHIC# 152857
                            D.O.B. 9-4-2018
                   (Daughter of Harry and Sera)
              “Puppies planned for spring 2021