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                                              “Dolce”   VLA GRCH Tsavo’s Far Niente
                 BN, CD, RN, RA, CGCA, RATN, TKN, SWCN, SWBN, SWIN, SWEN, CW-SR, FD

                                                                D.O.B. 9-12-2012

         Handled by breeder: Gary Bohinc - Tsavo's Kennels                      

“Maddie”   Anchor Creek Fluff Chick, TKN, CGCA, FD
                        CHIC# 152857
                      D.O.B. 9-4-2018
             (Daughter of Harry and Sera)
“Harry”  VL CH Tsavo’s Home For Christmas, RN, RI, TKN, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, CW-SD

                                                D.O.B. 10-22-14
“Sera:  VLX Anchor Creek’s Dolce Sera, CD, RN, RA, RE, RATN, RATO, CGC, CGCA, CGCU
                                                               CHIC# 124280
                                                         D.O.B. July 31, 2015
                                      Daughter of our Dolce out of GRCH Sentez Jagr.

                                            Bred and owned by Jeff and Sandi Ling